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Girls Party Dresses

Shop Our Australian Designed Gils Wear Dresses by Mini Treasure kids. Browse party dresses and smart casual that you will love forever.
Stylish party dresses for girls in pretty sequin, lace and leopard. A gorgeous collection of adorable party dresses for your little girl to stand out on every occasion.
Style your girl's party look with cute sandals or shoes completing their appearance for birthdays and weddings alike.

Size range from size 2 to size 12, and shoes from size 19 to 36.

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  1. Girls Black Sequins Short
  2. Ra Ra Tulle skirt
  3. Lucia Black Girls Party Bubble skirt
  4. Gemma tulle lace skirt- Navy
  5. Evie Sequin Balloon skirt-Royal blue
  6. All Over Lace
  7. Pearl With lace
  8. Lia Dress w/Sequin Skirt
  9. Luana Bubble dress -Cream
  10. Sparkle knit cardi- Black
  11. Ivy party dress-White
  12. Pearl Roesetta dress - Orange
  13. beautiful outfits
  14. childrens black dress
  15. black dress for tweens
  16. Ivy sequins dress with tulle-Pink
  17. Jasmine bow dress -purple
  18. Isabella Gold girl's dress
  19. Isabella sweet Georgette dress -gold
  20. Isabella sweet Georgette girls dress
  21. Halter Dress - Cream
  22. Halter Dress - Black
  23. pink girls size 7 dress