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Flower Girls Hair Accessories Headbands, Hair Clips & More

Complete the look with final touches or exquisite custom made accessories for that special little princess. Come and design with us online or visit instore. A big range in Flower Girl Dresses, Christening Dresses and Communion Dresses

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  1. Lace and Diamonte headband
  2. Vintage flower belt
  3. Scarlet Diamante hairband
  4. Diamante hairband
  5. Girls Pearl Headband
  6. Hand made satin belt with vintage rhinestone
  7. Hand made satin belt with pearl and diamante
  8. hand made Satin Belt with hand beading 3 flowers
  9. Satin Belt with flower
  10. princess tiaras melbourne
  11. Diamanté Bracelet
  12. Diamante Bracelets with ribbon
  13. Girls angora hat
  14. Christening Accessories hat