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Christening Dresses

Make your child's christening day even more special with a beautiful and unique christening dress.

Our selection of girl christening dresses is handcrafted by a skilled seamstress, allowing you to customize and create a design that matches your taste. 

If you prefer a ready-to-wear option, we also offer a range of baptism gowns for girls.

In addition to dresses, we can assist with other christening essentials such as candles, towels, and godparent gifts.

Trust us to make your child's christening or baptism day unforgettable. We specialize in creating memorable experiences for these important life events.

Schedule a time to see us at our Melbourne Styling Showroom or click here to arrange a virtual shopping experience.

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  1. Custom made silk 4 piece christening set
  2. Custom made 4 piece christening accessories
  3. hand made beaded bonnet christening set
  4. Custom made 3 piece Beaded Christening set