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Baby & Christening Accessories

Complete the look with Baby & Christening Accessories or exquisite custom-made accessories for that special little princess. As a dressmaker for 25+ years, I am happy to make you the perfect accessory to complete the gown. Whether you're looking for something traditional or modern, we have the perfect accessories for your little one's special day.

Come and design with us online or visit us in Melbourne. 

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  1. Custom made silk 4 piece christening set
  2. Custom made 2 piece Boys Christening set
  3. Custom made 4 piece christening accessories
  4. hand made beaded bonnet christening set
  5. Custom made 3 piece Girls Christening set
  6. Custom made 3 piece Beaded Christening set
  7. ivory christening nappy cover
  8. Silk Hand Made Nappy Covers
  9. baby ivory christening bib
  10. Embroidered cross Christening Bib
  11. white embroidered christening towels
  12. white christening cloth
  13. Ava gold prewalker baby shoes
  14. Felice Suede baby boy shoe
  15. baby christening shoes girl